10 Best baby travel accessories for an easy trip

If you are planning a trip with your baby, there are a few must-have items that will make your life much easier.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best baby travel accessories that will make your trip more enjoyable.

From diaper bags to portable cribs, these items will make traveling with your baby a breeze. diaper bag portable crib travel stroller car seat travel high chair travel potty baby monitor travel sound machine

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Best Travel Accessories for Baby

Best Baby Travel Accessory
Best Travel Case
Best Travel Tray
Best Inflatable Bath Tub
Most Stylish
Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack

brand : Petunia Pickle Bottom

Best Bang for Your Buck
Best for Babies
Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection

brand : Alpine Hearing Protection

Ubbi Retractable On the Go Bag Dispenser - Best Baby Travel Accessory

brand : Ubbi
color : Gray
size : 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The Ubbi On-the-Go Bag Dispenser is a trendy, convenient and easy-to-use diaper bag accessory that is a must-have for any new parent. The bag dispenser holds up to 12 bags that easily refill and can be used for quick clean-up for baby or pet. The Ubbi On-the-Go Bag Dispenser comes with 24 Lavender scented bags and an easy-to-use silicone strap that conveniently hangs on strollers and diaper bags.


On the go design

Holds up to 12 diaper bag refills

Includes 24 Lavender scented bags

Easy to use silicone strap



ONE PIX Backseat Car Organizer Mats - Best for Travel

brand : ONE PIX
color : Black
size : 1 Pack

The ONE PIX backseat car organizer is a great way to keep your car organized and your kids entertained. The large elastic pockets are perfect for storing snacks, toys, books, and more. The touch-screen viewer window is large enough to hold tablets up to 11" display. The back seat protector is scratch resistant and waterproof for easy wipe clean. The two adjustable straps on top and bottom with quick-release buckles make it easy to install and ensure a perfect fit for most vehicles.


8 large elastic pockets


1680D oxford fabric

Touch-screen viewer window

Scratch resistant and waterproof

2 adjustable straps


One size fits most

Ali+Oli Silicone Pacifier Case – Best Travel Case

brand : Ali+Oli
color : Black
size : 1 Count (Pack of 1)

Ali+Oli's Silicone Pacifier Case is a great way to keep your baby's pacifier clean and close by. The case is made of 100% BPA-free food-grade material and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The innovative design of the case includes a strap loop that is large enough to fit any stroller or pram handlebar. You can also attach it to diaper bags and purses for easy access. The case comes in gorgeous matte colors with a spacious interior so that you can put two pacifiers inside. Ali+Oli silicone pacifier holders are compact enough to fit in a pocket if you don't want them hanging on your stroller bag or handle.


100% BPA-free

Innovative design


Safe to use

Family owned small business



Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Travel Time Play Set — Best Baby Doll Set

brand : Melissa & Doug
color : Multi
size : 1 EA

The Mine to Love Travel Time Play Set is a great gift for children ages 3 and up. This 17-piece diaper bag and realistic travel essentials sized just right for baby dolls and stuffed animals. The set includes a diaper (fits dolls up to 18 inches), changing mat, 4 wipes in snap-shut container, washcloth, comb, sunscreen tube, baby bottle, squeeze snack pouch, two keys double-sided reusable activity card. The diaper bag features lots of pockets for storage, removable adjustable strap, and reusable ID tag. The Mine to Love accessories encourage empathy and help kids express themselves as they explore grown-up roles and responsibilities. Dolls/stuffed animals not included.


17-piece set

Diaper bag features lots of pockets and a removable, adjustable strap

Encourages empathy

Helps kids express themselves

Great gift for ages 3+


Dolls/stuffed animals not included

AiQiaoXin 30pcs Baby Disposable Bibs – Best for Travel

brand : AiQiaoXin
color : White
size : 幼儿

The AiQiaoXin 30pcs Baby Disposable Bibs are soft, leak proof and convenient. They are made of skin friendly non-woven fabric and have a PE breathable and leak proof lining. The bibs are size adjustable and have a pocket to catch food. They are safe and pollution-free.


Non-woven fabric

Portable pocket

Size adjustable

Independent packaging

Safe and pollution-free


Some parents may prefer cloth bibs

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray – Best Travel Tray

brand : Lusso Gear
color : Black

Keep your kids entertained on long car rides with the Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray. This tray features a large dry erase top that can be used for snacks or other activities, mesh pockets for storage, a tablet holder, and a cup holder. The tablet holder is secure and stable, and the no-drop design means less need for adjusting the tablet during long trips. The tray is also compatible with various devices. Made from Oxford cloth and kid-safe plastic, the tray is sturdy enough for years of use in the car, airplane, train, or bus.


Crafted from Oxford cloth and kid-safe plastic

Car seat tray features a safety strap, mesh pockets, tablet stand, and cup holder

Compatible with various devices

No-drop table holder

Can be used on airplanes or other types of transport



Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub Froggie Collection - Best Inflatable Bath Tub

brand : Mommy's Helper
color : Froggie
size : 6-24 Month (1 Count)

The Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub is an inflatable bathtub designed for infants and toddlers. It is made of 100% phthalate-free vinyl and has an adorable frog design. The tub has a padded bottom and sides for comfort and safety, and a saddle horn to keep baby from sliding down. It also has a built-in drain plug for easy draining. The tub inflates and deflates quickly and easily, and can be stored in a small space when not in use. It is also easy to clean and is machine-washable.

The Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub is a great way to bathe your baby in a safe, padded space. It is comfortable for your baby and easy for you to use. It is also easy to store and easy to clean.


Cute froggie design

Phthlate free

Padded and safe

Saddle horn prevents baby from sliding



May be difficult to inflate for some people

Not as durable as some other options

Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack – Most Stylish

brand : Petunia Pickle Bottom
color : Axis Backpack - Sketchbook Mickey & Minnie
size : 14x12x6 Inch (Pack of 1)

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis backpack is the perfect bag for on-the-go parents. It is stylish and practical with its efficient design and many compartments to fit all of your necessities. The chic look will make people think you’re toting a designer bag instead of a baby bag! The Axis backpack includes 5 interior pockets and 2 exterior pockets for bottles and baby products. The insulated bottom section is great for snacks or keeping breast milk cool. Plus, the removable changing pad is perfect when you’re in a pinch. The Axis backpack is easy to clean and carry with its top grab handle, cushioned straps for wearing, and D-rings to attach to strollers. You can wear it as a backpack or carry it in your hand. The cleanable fabric and water-resistant linings protect against spills.


Separated top and bottom compartments

Cushioned straps

Washable baby changing pad

Multiple carrying options


No built-in stroller straps

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats — Best Bang for Your Buck

brand : J.L. Childress
color : Red
size : 1 Count (Pack of 1)

If you are looking for a car seat travel bag that is durable, light weight, and fits most car seats, the J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats is a great choice. This bag is made of durable, water-resistant material with double-stitched seams and is designed to protect your car seat from dirt and germs when checking it at the airline gate. The Gate Check Bag also features a stow-away spandex pouch for compact storage, an ID box to write your name, and a drawstring closure with adjustable lock. The bright, red color and large gate check logo make it easy to identify your car seat, and the webbing handle makes it easy to lift. The J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats is not recommended for baggage check.


-Lightweight and water-resistant -Stuffs quickly into attached spandex pouch -Bright, red color -ID box to write your name -Drawstring closure with adjustable lock


-Not recommended for baggage check

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection - Best for Babies

brand : Alpine Hearing Protection
color : Blue
size : Small (Pack of 1)

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection is an essential for any parent. It is designed to protect your baby from noise that can potentially damage hearing. The earmuffs are made with multiple layers of noise reducing foam and soft padding for good closure. The headband is comfortable and easily adjustable. The ear protection is certified to reduce noise by up to 23 dB.


Protects baby from noise

No pressure on fontanelle

Adjustable and safe

Tested and certified

Award-winning Dutch design

Must have travel essentials



Buyer Guide:baby travel accessories

The Ultimate Baby Travel Accessories Buying Guide

Traveling with a baby can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few key items that will make traveling with your little one much easier. Here is a list of the must-have baby travel accessories:

  1. A good baby carrier – A baby carrier is a must-have for any trip. It will allow you to keep your baby close and comfortable while freeing up your hands to do other things. There are many different types of carriers available, so find one that best suits your needs.

  2. A diaper bag – A diaper bag is another essential item for traveling with a baby. It will help you keep all of your necessary supplies organized and easily accessible. Choose a bag that is large enough to accommodate everything you need, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome to carry.

  3. A sun shade – Sun exposure can be dangerous for babies, so it is important to protect them from the sun’s rays whenever possible. A sun shade can be attached to a stroller or car seat to provide shade for your child.

  4. A stroller – A stroller can come in handy when traveling with a baby, especially if you are doing a lot of walking. Choose a stroller that is lightweight and easy to fold up for storage.

  5. Infant car seat – An infant car seat is required by law in most states, so you will definitely need one for road trips. Choose an infant car seat that is safe and easy to use.

  6. Bottles and formula – If your baby is bottle-fed, be sure to pack plenty of bottles and formula for the trip. You may also want to pack some extra pacifiers and wipes as well.

  7. Blankets – Baby blankets can come in handy for both warmth and protection from the sun or wind. Pack at least one blanket per child, preferably in a lightweight fabric like cotton or fleece

These are just some of the essential baby travel accessories that you will need for your next trip with your little one. By packing these items, you can rest assured that you have everything you need to make the journey as easy as possible

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Baby Travel Accessories

As a new or soon-to-be parent, you may be wondering what baby travel accessories you need to buy for your upcoming trip. Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 essentials for baby travel:

  1. A car seat - This is probably the most important item on the list. It's imperative that your child is properly restrained in a car seat while travelling, no matter how short the trip may be.

  2. A stroller - A sturdy, lightweight stroller can be helpful for getting around airports and other busy areas. Look for one with a good sun canopy to protect your child from the sun's rays.

  3. A diaper bag - This is essential for carrying diapers, wipes, snacks and other necessary items for your child. Be sure to pack light so you don't have to carry too much extra weight.

  4. A portable crib or playpen - If you'll be spending a lot of time in hotels or other places where there isn't a crib available, it can be helpful to bring your own. This will give your child a familiar place to sleep and play while you're away from home.

  5. Plenty of diapers and wipes - You don't want to run out of these essential items when you're on vacation! Pack enough to last throughout your trip, plus a few extras just in case.

  6. Sunscreen and hats - The sun can be harsh on babies' skin, so make sure to pack sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and hats to protect them from the sun's rays.

  7. Bug spray - Mosquitoes and other pests can be pesky during summer travel, so pack some bug spray to keep them at bay.

  8. Bottle warmer - If you'll be travelling with bottles full of formula or breast milk, it can be helpful to have a bottle warmer handy. This will allow you to heat up the milk without having to use the hotel's microwave or stovetop.

  9. Nursing cover or shirt - If you're breastfeeding, it can be helpful to have a nursing cover or shirt that will keep you covered up while feeding your baby in public places.

  10. Extra clothes and blankets - It's always wise to pack an extra set of clothes and blankets for your child in case of accidents or unexpected weather changes. You never know what might happen while travelling!

How to Choose the Right Baby Travel Accessories

Traveling with a baby can be a challenge, but with the right baby travel accessories, it can be a lot easier. Here is a guide to choosing the best baby travel accessories for your needs.

Car Seat

One of the most important pieces of baby gear for traveling is a car seat. When choosing a car seat, you need to make sure that it is approved for air travel. You also need to make sure that it is the right size for your child.

There are a variety of car seats available, from infant-only seats to convertible seats that can be used from birth through age 4 or 5. If you have more than one child, you may want to consider purchasing a car seat that can be used for more than one child.

Another thing to consider when choosing a car seat is whether or not it has a five-point harness system. A five-point harness system provides added safety for your child in the event of an accident.


If you plan on doing any sightseeing or walking around while you are away from home, you will need a stroller. When choosing a stroller, there are several factors to consider.

First, you need to decide what type of stroller you want. There are three main types of strollers: standard strollers, jogging strollers, and umbrella strollers. Standard strollers are the most versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Jogging strollers are designed for running and other outdoor activities, while umbrella strollers are lightweight and easy to fold up and transport.

You also need to decide how much money you want to spend on a stroller. Strollers range in price from around $50 to $1,000 or more.

Finally, you need to make sure that the stroller you choose will fit in your vehicle’s cargo area or trunk. Most standard strollers fold up so that they can be stored in small spaces, but some jogging strollers are too large to fit in small cars.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is another essential piece of baby gear for traveling. A good diaper bag will have enough room to store everything you need while traveling with your baby, including diapers, wipes, clothes, snacks, and bottles/formula/breastmilk. Diaper bags come in all different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs regardless of what kind of traveler you are.

Car Seat

One of the first items parents buy when preparing for their new arrival is generally an infant car seat - which rightfully takes priority if travelling by car is regularly in your future plans! The functionality and peace-of-mind these seats offer parents with young ones cannot be overstated - making sure your bubba stays safe while on the road should always be paramount; though this doesn't mean sacrificing comfort as infant car seats these days come packed full of luxurious features such as built-in sun shades! As daunting as buying one may seem initially with the sheer number on offer - it's important! - take some time doing research on reputable brands (and models) ensuring compatibility with not just family vehicles but future family vehicles too... as many convert from rearward-facing newborn mode into front-facing toddler mode! Clever!


Much like when selecting an infant car seat... picking out the 'perfect' pushchair for both yourself and bubba(s) can seem an arduous task fraught with potential problems! But have no fear; this guide's here! Again start by thinking about what type of terrain said pushchair will predominantly see its action taking place ie rough ground? City sidewalks? Sand? Grass? All have different requirements when it comes down to function (and budgets!). Consequently there isn't really one answer as such pushing parents towards one definitive 'best' style but simply general advice concerning materials (look out for those rubber tyres!) weight limitings (upwards of 99lb/45kg!) cup holders AND storage areas!! Though if opting for second hand there's always eBay where sellers often bundle together prams/pushchairs/strollers WITH carriers... And we all know about those lengthy airport walks post check-in - wouldn't want bubba getting overtired now would we?!

Diaper Bag

When travelling light is key - especially if embarking on another mode transportation after checking in luggage with all the associated hassle OR if said holiday coincides with an impending house move - packing everything needed into ONE easily manageable item becomes essential... enter: The Diaper Bag! The great thing about these bags (aside from their obvious primary function) is that they come innumerous varieties suiting every kind Of parent; messenger style? Backpack? Tote bag? Weekend suitcase? Rattan wicker number With clips allowing attachment To buggies?! The list goes on! So

What to Look for When Buying Baby Travel Accessories

Traveling with a baby can be daunting, but with the right baby travel accessories, it can be a lot easier. Here are some things to look for when purchasing baby travel accessories:

  1. A good baby carrier. A good baby carrier can make traveling with your baby a lot easier. Make sure to choose one that is comfortable for you and your baby.

  2. A good stroller. A good stroller can also make traveling with your baby much easier. Be sure to choose one that is durable and lightweight.

  3. A good car seat. A good car seat is essential for safety when traveling with your baby. Choose a car seat that is easy to install and fits your car properly.

  4. Good quality diapers and wipes. It is important to have plenty of diapers and wipes on hand when traveling with a baby, especially if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

  5. Baby sunscreen and insect repellent. Sunscreen and insect repellent are both essential items for keeping your baby safe and protected while traveling outdoors.

  6. Plenty of clothes and blankets. It is a good idea to pack plenty of extra clothes and blankets for your baby, in case of accidents or unexpected weather changes.

By taking the time to purchase the right baby travel accessories, you can make traveling with your little one much easier and less stressful

Frequently Asked Question

What are the most important baby travel accessories?

Babies need a lot of gear when they travel. You will want to bring diapers, wipes, and a changing pad. If you are going to be flying, make sure you pack your baby's car seat and stroller. If you are going to be driving, pack a diaper bag with all of the supplies you will need.

In addition to the basics, there are some other important items that you will want to pack for your baby. Sunscreen is a must for any trip outdoors. You will also want to bring along a hat and sunglasses to protect your child's skin from the sun. If you are going on a trip to a colder climate, pack a coat and boots.

You also may want to bring along some toys or books to keep your baby entertained while you are on your trip. It is also a good idea to pack some snacks and drinks for your child, especially if you are going to be on the road for awhile.

Make sure you bring along any medications that your baby may need, as well as copies of their birth certificate and insurance card. Finally, don't forget to bring your camera so that you can capture all of the memories of your trip with your little one!

What should you pack in your baby's diaper bag for a trip?

The diaper bag is a necessary item for taking care of a baby while on-the-go. But what should you pack in it? Here is a list of essentials to help you get started:


Of course, diapers are one of the most important items to pack in the diaper bag. How many you need will depend on how long your trip is, but it's always best to have a few extra just in case.


Wipes are also essential for taking care of a baby's bottom. Pack at least a few packs so you can keep your baby clean and fresh all day long.

Nursing pads and bras if nursing

If you are breastfeeding, you'll want to bring nursing pads and bras along with you. This will ensure that you have everything you need to nurse your baby when needed.

Formula or breast milk if bottle feeding

If bottle feeding, bring along formula or breast milk as needed. You may also want to pack bottles and nipples if your baby is used to using those particular bottles and nipples.

Burp cloths

Burp cloths are not only essential for burping your baby, but they can also come in handy for wiping up messes. Pack at least a few so you're prepared for anything.

Bottles of water for mom and baby

Clay bottles are BPA free and good for traveling with especially when using tap water which may not be potable. A full size bottle like the Klean Kanteen Classic 18oz Bottle is perfect because it has an Insulated Wide Mouth that keeps liquids cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours without any condensation forming on the outside, perfect for parents on the go with no time for microwaving warm bottles! ## Clothes for baby Clothes for babies can take up a lot of space in the diaper bag, so only bring along what you think you'll need. You'll probably want at least one outfit, preferably something easy to put on and take off. You may also want some socks and hats if your baby will be spending time outside. ## Miscellaneous items Miscellaneous items that you may want to pack in the diaper bag include: * Sunscreen * Bug spray * Teething toys * Pacifiers * Blankets * Diaper rash cream

What are some common mistakes parents make when traveling with a baby?

There are many common mistakes that parents make when traveling with a baby. Below are some of the most common ones:

  1. Not packing enough supplies. It is important to pack enough diapers, wipes, and other necessary supplies for the trip. You don't want to run out of anything while you're on the road.

  2. Not packing enough food. Babies need to eat regularly, and it can be difficult to find appropriate food when you're traveling. Make sure to pack plenty of baby food, snacks, and drinks.

  3. Not packing a change of clothes for the baby. It is inevitable that at some point the baby will spit up or have a dirty diaper. Make sure you have a change of clothes ready to go in case of an emergency.

  4. Forgetting to bring along a toy or other distraction for the baby. Babies can get bored easily, so it's important to bring along something to keep them occupied during the trip. A few favorite toys or books can make a big difference.

  5. Not bringing sunscreen or hats for the baby. Babies need protection from the sun just like adults do, so make sure to pack sunscreen and hats if you'll be spending time outdoors.

  6. Not preparing the car seat ahead of time. If you're using a car seat for your child, it's important to make sure it is properly installed before you leave home. Otherwise, you may run into problems while on the road.

  7. Leaving the baby in the car seat for too long. Car seats are not meant to be used as swings or high chairs, and leaving a baby in one for too long can be dangerous. Make sure that your child gets out of the car seat often to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

How can you keep your baby safe when traveling?

Traveling with a baby can be a challenge, but it’s definitely doable with a little bit of preparation. Here are some tips to help keep your baby safe while on the road.

First and foremost, always buckle your baby into a safety seat. Even if you’re only going a short distance, it’s important to use a car seat to keep your child safe in case of an accident.

If you’re traveling by plane, make sure you check with the airline ahead of time to find out what their policy is on bringing baby along. Many airlines allow infants to fly for free, but you may need to bring along your own car seat.

When driving, always make sure your child is properly restrained in a car seat or booster seat. And never leave your child alone in the car – even for a few minutes – as temperatures can quickly become dangerous.

If you’re traveling by bus or train, be sure to check the regulations governing children on board. Some modes of transportation require that children be seated in special areas or travel in specially-designed car seats.

You’ll also want to pack plenty of supplies for your trip, including diapers, wipes, food, and formula or breast milk if needed. If you’re going to be visiting different climates, make sure to pack appropriate clothes and shoes for your child. And don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen if you’ll be spending time outdoors!

With a little bit of planning, traveling with a baby can be easy and stress-free. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your little one will stay safe while on the go.

What should you do if your baby starts to cry during a flight?

If your baby starts to cry during a flight, there are a few things you can do. You may want to try to soothe your baby or give them a toy to play with. If that doesn't work, you may want to consider asking a flight attendant for help.